For Kim

The 90's nostalgic take over of the runway and street style may have seen the height of it's revival this year. With cropped bomber jackets, slip dresses and velvet chokers-only time will tell if our obsession will last longer than a season or if we will be digging up some other era's glory next year.  

Few things will forever have influence in my life from the 90's: Tyson fight parties at my Auntie's, episodes of The Fresh Prince, and the neon fur donning, raunchy logo queen, Lil' Kim. With Misa Hylton’s vision and style, Kim went left during a time were minimalism was all the hype. Brown skin, petite frame, an original around-the-way-girl, definitive of ghetto fabulous, she made fashion a priority but authenticity was key. Kim represented something more purposeful to her audience than being lady like, settling down, having babies and shit. Bomb style and crazy flow devoted to money, sex and fashion; Kim moved with complete disregard for the American ideal of womanhood and class, yet, still managed to come out classic.

To Kim. Here's to loving fishnet onesies, Gucci pant suits, sushi and fried chicken. To not being defined by any one thing; good or bad. Because, society can't tell women how to be women (other women included). Thank you Kim.